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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  March 10, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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tonight, water, water, everywhere, flooding concerns continue as the rain finally begins to move out. >> this should be, again, a reminder to every bad guy in the city that we have a pretty good team coming to get you. >> baltimore's top cop not the only one excited after a huge drug bust. and whether you've noticed or not many of your grocery store items have been shrinking. how to get the most for your money when abc 2 at 11:00 starts right now. >> now, abc 2 news at 11:00. the storm is over but it did cause some pretty big problems in baltimore city. i'm christian schaefer, i'll bring you a live report coming up. >> from fell's point to mount washington, the annapolis city box, to the bay, just about all
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of us have been dealing with the flooding caused by today's rainfall. the bottom line, is the worst over? we go to wyatt everhart. i think the worst is over, we're going to deal with several hours of run-off that has come from the rain. maryland's most powerful radar as we take a look around the area, some decent rain coming down towards annapolis and anne arundel county and northern carroll and baltimore county. heavy rainfall there. but most have the flash flood warnings gone, we have some watches up, flood warnings for rivers and creeks out to the west and along the immediate coastal areas of the chesapeake. look at the amount of rain we have had, more than 3" in most spots, towson, columbia 3.7,
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coastal floodwaters, the good news the rain showers beginning to taper off, we're still going to have that flood threat persisting for sever several hours into the morning, much more on a drier weekend coming up. >> thanks wyatt. a state of emergency stays in effect because of the potential for more flooding. the high tide is moment away. chris. >> 11:16 for the high tide in fell's point, doesn't look like it's going to be too much of a problem, you can see the water well below the surface. doesn't appear like it's going to get too far up in the neighborhood. the same street we saw in fell's point, tonight we saw flooding in one place you might not expect. >> reporter: this is not what you want to see inside a parking garage but during a storm thousands of goons of water mixed with sewage streamed in the garage. >> trying to get them before we get to the door leaves. taking them, been about 120
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moved. >> all those had to be moved from the original spaces to higher ground. >> you walkover and looking for your car and it's not there. >> reporter: it happened because all that rain seeped into sewage pipes underground and forced everything to the surface through man holes. it's hard enough to find your car when it hasn'tn't been moved. >> should have been right down here so i don't know where it is right yet. >> reporter: kathy brown and her husband got to the garage after their commute back from d.c. >> we said where is our car, i think it's over here, we began to look around and saw the flood and we thought oh my gosh. >> reporter: when all that water came out of the garage it spilled on to the jones false expressway closing northbound lanes during the rush hour. a couples miles for the jones false came out of its banks rising to the 10-foot level bringing back a hampton tradition. >> we run down every time it
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rains like. >> reporter: the office park flooded, all the cars made it out except for one. >> we walked down over here and she came walking up to us and here it's her car. i offered to get it out about an hour and a half ago but before it was as bad as it is now. >> take a look down the other end of same street you can see them moving some of those cars out of the way where the water comes up down there which it often does even during a heavy rain storm like we saw today. the department of sanitation says that all that water in that parking garage that was in there this afternoon is going to clear out now that the rain has stopped. they are also working on a long- term project to try to clean out some of those sewer pipes so that won't happen as often in the future. christian schaefer, abc 2 news. very few folks out and about in annapolis when the high tide set out. there was water everywhere, but scenes like this are nothing new to residents and merchants, police blocked off much of the
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flooded areas and many businesses near the water had their sandbags in place. make sure you keep it right here with abc 2 news for coverage of this winter flooding and when we're not on the air be sure to keep up to date with you can check out all the pictures and video we have collected from all over the region and keep an eye on that live interactive radar. >> new at 11:00 police in baltimore city are searching for a mother and child who have been missing now for two days. we want you to take a good look. investigators say that 21-year- old stephanie jones and her 4- month-old son michael were last seen tuesday afternoon in the 3700 block of easton avenue. police don't have much of a description to share, all they told us is that jones may be with a black male with dreadlocks and a black female. joan was last seen wearing a royal blue coat, a multicolored scarf, blue jeans and red and white sneakers, if you have any information you're asked to call 911 right away. well the final vote is
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expected tomorrow on the same- sex marriage bill. it appears the house has enough votes to get it passed but just barely. house members discussed making some amendments yesterday but the final version of the bill will most likely be identical to the one passed by the senate and, again, governor o'malley says if that bill makes it to his desk he will sign it. tonight we still don't know if or when there will be a deal between the nfl and its players. the deadline just over 24 hours from now, things are not looking very promising. today both sides met with a federal mediator but no face to face talks took place. the head of the players union sent a cryptic tweak this afternoon promising something bic 2:00 friday afternoon, most experts think that big announcement will be the union dessert filing setting the stage for antitrust lawsuit against the league. federal, state, and local authorities are patting themselves on the back tonight after a major drug bust. dozens arrested including an
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actress from "the wire." at a news conference u.s. attorney rod rosenstein said this will be one of the largest cases they have prosecuted in maryland. they say they dismanled and entire drug trafficking organization and among the more than 60 people arrested slough pearson, she was in the hbo hit series"the wire." officials say the operation was a success because of their use of a team approach. >>dea's targeting approach is to take these investigations, working with our state and local partners, from the streets to the sources of supply. that's how we make impact. and in this case we made impact. we've got the top, we've got the bottom, and we've got everything in between. >> now, in a eye addition to the dea, baltimore city police, the u.s. attorneys office, state's attorney and u.s. marshalls all played a role in wrapping up this 2-year
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investigation. tonight federal indictments have been handed down for baltimore city cops accused of being part of an extortion scheme. they are charged with stealing vehicles from a repair shop and getting kickbacks each time. this is a story that definitely touched a nerve last night and advocates for people with autism are lark out or seeking criminal charges against a student. fairmont middle school called in police after a 12-year-old, cameron meers, allegedly struck a vice principal earlier this week. he was acting out and lashed out. we showed our story to some advocates of path finders for autism and the director believes the school may have played a role in the incident. >> it is their failure in my opinion, that his behavior has come to this. >> kids with disabilities you know, it's injustice to treat them like criminals. >> cameron's parents says he has a behavioral plan in place to deal with his developmental
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diso order. the fact that it may not have been followed points to a failure on the school's part. they maintain they must treat all children the same under the disciplinary policy legal experts say the courts may view that case differently. even as the story gains worldwide attention the tragic deaths of 7 children in a pennsylvania farmhouse is still hitting home in this type oh town of blaine where, tonight, the family says they have hope for more than one reason. our sister station abc 27 in harrisburg, has the story. >> well he was of course at the house for -- yeah. >> reporter: noah sauter thinks back to the unthinkable. tuesday night he and his wife lost 7 grandchildren all at once. >> yes, it was tough of course, but there's not much you can do
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about it. >> reporter: as the fire raced through the family home noah was doing the same thing his daughter and son in law were doing. working. when he heard the tragic news he did what he knew would help. he stepped into milk the cause for his daughter. >> she thought she could milk. >> she thought she could. >> she thought she could milk but i said i'd finish it for her. it might have been just as good as it was for her because it kind of keeps my mind occupied so i -- just sitting around thinking about it doesn't help either. >> reporter: it may seem like there is no time to grieve but this is a farming family and working is how they cope. but there is reason for hope. janelle is pregnant, she is due in june. >> that is going to help, she has one surviving child, there will be two instead of one.
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>> reporter: still, a family that could have been 11 will just be a family of four. >> one thing i know of we'll miss taking the little ones along to church. we used to like to take some of the little ones along to church. they just won't be here any more. >> more. now since that devastating family they have been getting support not just from the local community but people all over the country. if you would like to help we have information where you can send the donation. head to our web site in health news tonight the fda is calling it a major breakthrough for lupus treatment. it's approved a new medication called convenience list take that athletes lupus. it is an autoimmune disease that attacks healthy tissue. they have drugs that limit the number of cells that pose problems for those suffering with the squeeze. it is the first drug to treat lupus in more than 50 years and
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it was developed by a maryland- based company. well, while the water may be in your basement might be rice, so is your grocery bill. but have you noticed you are not getting as much for your money as you used to. shrinking products and how to stretch that grocery budget by switching up your shopping list. and we're not the only ones dealing with flooding. check out this dramatic video from the highlands seeing a home swallowed up in a swollen river. and more wild weather, we have it on a professional golf tournament, we going to show you more of this when we come back in just 60 seconds.
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well if you think we're the only ones reeling with nasty weather think again. you can see a tv tower just below over, look at that. a violent thunderstorm swept through a golf tournament in florida. the storm uprooted trees and shattered score boards, there were a few players out on the
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course when the storm hit but so far we have no reports of any injuries tonight. check in out. a home in columbus, ohio, is taken away by the raging ohio river. the man who owns the home says he has lived there for 27 years and that is its heart. it went down the river with him. he says he'll rebuild but probably a little bit further away from the water. and the trouble started early this morning in washington. a rock slide along a busy road in northwest d.c. complicated the already slow morning commute. folks will are also keeping an eye on trees that will likely be tested by some of the soggy ground and high winds. all new at 11:00 tonight, it's no secret some of your favorite brands have been shrinking, from toilet paper to potato chips you are getting less for your money and you may not even know it. how can you tell which products have been down sized? joce sterman is sniffing out the secret to figure out which brands have slimmed down and she is letting you know how you
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can be loyal and how that can cost you big. >> reporter: we clipped coupons and scanned club cards trying to shave off dollars and cents at the grocery store. there are tricks for cutting costs but the companies who make the products we're buying have some gimmicks of their own. >> i'm not sure this is a wise business decision and yet it is rampant. >> reporter: it is a common practice used by dozens of large companies. you may not each know your brands are shrinking. >> they think people are stupid, they don't notice these things, but i do. >> she clearly saw a trend at the derrick rose grocery store. she is meticulous about her money and noticed her grocery bill stayed the same even though the products dwindled. it's not imagination. an investigation last spring revealed am i temperatures are shrinking. >> they really have you where they want you with the things you need and, like i said,
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switching brands really doesn't help because they all follow suit. >> reporter: but our latest investigation found that's not always the case. this time, we went aisle by aisle to comparison shop, not just to see who down sizes but also who doesn't, and to figure out how much brand loyalty is really costing you. >> i think that, eh i got to be on the lookout for the other buy guy who is shortchanging me. >> reporter: but how much are you losing by sticking with the same product instead of making a switch. with some products it's a lot of dough over time. if you go with keyboard letter's chocolate chip and 18 hounds package forth $3.99. they have wept to a smaller box for more. you're paying 32 cents more per pound. those pennies do add up over time. you may not even realize you are paying more unless you start paying attention to these bright orange boxes, they'll tell you the scoop on unit pricing. >> that is my tool, that is my
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weapon as a consumer for comparing products to products. >> reporter: according to sally greenberg with the national consumers league every grocery store in maryland arms you with the information you need. you might be overlooking at them. understate law unit pricing has to be posted on store shelves so you can break down exactly what you're spending ounce by ounce. >> that is your one way to tell if you go back two months later and find that tropicana orange juice is now 36 cents and ounce that you have been down sized. >> so once you know what do you do about it? greenberg says you got to speak up. >> get out there, let the company know you're upset with them, ask for coupons, tell them you know you'd rather pay a couple cents more and not have this, have the wool pulled over your eyes. >> reporter: but phyllis isn't blind to what's happening. she is vocal about paying more and getting less. >> i feel like the company should know that people are aware of what they are doin' and it does stink. >> reporter: joce sterman, abc
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2 news. now the national consumers league has made unit pricing a big issue because, although it's required in maryland, that's not the case nation- wide. and even the states who do require it don't always enforce it very well. here in maryland, making sure unit pricing is posted is really left to the attorney general's office. do you want to see who is downsizing and who doesn't and see the difference in price? the aisle by aisle investigation must have items all over the internet. we have broken down the brands to show you which one are giving you more for your money. if you go to our web site you will see joe's cease story, sticking with shrinking products adds up over time and if you go down a little bit we have the interactive link to see the price comparison for some of the popular products, you go to shrinking products, click right here to begin and click on the product you are interested in finding more information about. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the
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forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. all right. have we had enough rain yet? i think the answer is more than a big yes. we have some coming down. maryland's most popular radar tracking up the chesapeake and the eastern shore right now. let's take a closer look at this. put maryland's most powerful radar in toward cambridge, a heavier line from east and back up through ridge lea and more heavy to moderate showers queen anne up through chester town and shirt's hill. some of this extending across bel air and up i-95. still plenty of wet weather to deal with out there tonight. how much rain so far, way too much. nor so reporting 4.22", since midnight over 4" of rain in less than 24 hours. unbelievable. 3.86 in towson, one of the heaviest-hit spots as well. nearly 3" over on the eastern shore where you're still getting the rain, you have had
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1.6, gerina 1" of rain. flood advisories continue across the area up through most of the surrounding and western and eastern shore, some out to the western part of the state where there is a lot of run off in the eye higher terrain. coastal floods through 3:00 a.m., a couple of high tides coming in to fell's point. right around midnight, flood advisory for the eastern shore, more of the water stacking up on the western part of the bay. you can see it through the bay today, annapolis through the day, the river getting awfully high down there, the naval academy as the rain keeps coming down out there tonight. chesapeake beach, you talk about an angry bay there, big surge of water coming down the docks, rain still coming down out there tonight, although we're finally beginning to see things lighten up just a bit. all right. let's take a look at current conditions, we're at 47 degrees right now after a day in the upper 50s, relatively mild weather system, no winter
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weather possible with this one except for far western maryland where they are gonna get a couple inches of snow, 47 in the city, 55 in easton, the beach at 52 in ocean city. wind still coming out to have the southeastern monroe and northern east, that is kind of environment hansing the flood risk along the immediate western chesapeake. looking ahead into the day tomorrow we're gonna see some nice clearing. you're going to see clear skies breaking out of western north carolina, southern virginia down towards charlottesville. still more rain up toward the beaches tonight, couple more hours of that, you see the snow wrapping around the core of this powerful storm out in western maryland and west virginia. take a look, bigger picture here now, again clearing. the big story from west to east as we get this whole system out of here, large rainmaker and a snow maker for a good chunk of the northeast, we're on the north side of this thing, we don't have to worry about it right around baltimore at least, but dicking out to sea, cooler drier air funnels in behind us, cooler conditions through the day, behind the
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last of the rain that blows out toward midnight, 2:00 a.m., off the eastern shore. drier cooler condition, we need that dry air and even the breeze that's helped us dry out all this water. flood continuing for several more hours. 52 as we dry out. skip ahead to that seven-day forecast, you see the trend is for much nicer drier weather all weekend long. saturday, sunday, we need that kind of dry weather around here, the weak of 3 to 4" of rain out there kelly. so again i guess the main concern will be the next 4 to 6 hours high tide areas along the bay. again, where we have the run off even after the rain ends for a few more hours we have to plan for that low-lying areas, use extra caution the next few hours. >> we deserve some sunshine after the past two days. >> we need the weekend to dry out. >> thank wyatt. not quite march madness, but getting close. college basketball is heating up as the conference tournaments get under way. that includes the acc where maryland needs to make a four-
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game run to just have a shot at the big dance. we're going to have highlights from the first test. and after some controversy in the big east tournament yesterday more last-minute drama today. how one team pulled off a thrilling and officially correct last-second win.
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abc 2 news is brought to you by subaru. visit subaru today. here is your press box sports report. gary williams and the terps need a miracle to make it to the big dance and that run for the miracle began with the nc state wolfpack tonight. the first round and maryland jumped out to a big lead early but nc state hung in there.
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but the terps ended up being too much for the wolf pack. jordan williams as usual notched a double double scoring 16 points to go along with 13 rebounds. dino gregory added 11 points of his own and the free throw challenge terps shot nearly 80% from the line to knock off nc state 75-67. the road gets tougher. the 7-seeded terps get their third crack at number 2 seeded duke tomorrow night. game at 7:00 on espn. an exciting finish in the big east tournament, connecticut versus pittsburgh, final seconds. all tied up. uconn's kemba walker fakes out the defender, steps back and hits the game-winning jumper right at the buzzer. 9 seeded uconn upsets top seed pitt 76-74. they'll beat syracuse in the semifinal. more local sports news on press box
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to see how we can help your cashflow situation. pnc. for the achiever in us all. almost over with. >> yeah, yeah, rain ending tonight and coastal flood up through 3:00 a.m., but we're looking better. >> all right. have a good one. see you tomorrow. ñ
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